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With a multitude of facets waiting to be explored, Croatia spans the Adriatic coast with unique Mediterranean charm. The poet Lord Byron once described the city of Dubrovnik as the ‘pearl of the Adriatic’ — and indeed, it’s a Croatian gem not to be missed. Whilst there, visit the local beach of Banje to bask in the sun, before heading out to discover the rich history of the city. Walk along the walls of the old fortress, visit the old Pile Gate and the 7th century Cathedral of the Assumption, or go on guided tours that will take you through history and sightseeing in a matter of hours.
   Croatia’s coastal cities have had great cultural and historical importance throughout the centuries. This is visible in the beautifully preserved sites found in each of its cities: Sibenik, Split, Porec and Dubrovnik have intricate fortress-complexes and architecturally stunning buildings that guarantee a bird’s eye view of Croatian culture.
   Speaking of culture, the capital of Zagreb invites visitors to experience the lively atmosphere and welcoming air that makes Croatia special. Its nightlife is unmatched in Europe, with bars and clubs open till dawn. For those looking for a more leisurely stay, quirky museums like The Museum of Broken Relationships and The Croatian Museum of Naïve Art offer unique art experiences.
   Almost 10% of Croatia is made up of nature parks and reserves, and both the mainland and the islands of the Adriatic Coast are home to unique wildlife and stunning nature. Head off the beaten track on the island of Hvar and visit the Gromin Dolac beach for a less-frequented coastal spot. Mali Losinj, an island further north, has long been favoured by visitors for its fresh air, charming buildings and serene nature. While visiting, keep an eye out for dolphins swimming near the coast, or the griffon vulture, a species only found here and on the neighbouring island of Cres.
   When the sun sets over the rooftops, retire to a restaurant frequented by locals. Croatia boasts a proud history of wine-making and their local cuisine complements the crisp taste of the grapes. Tuck into generous portions of the Dalmatian beef stew Pasticada, sample smoky grilled fish or feast your taste buds on famous black risotto, flavoured with fresh squid or cuttlefish. 

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