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The country is made up of vast desert-landscapes, the big metropolitan commotion of Cairo and lush green banks and holiday resorts along the banks of the River Nile and the sea. Holidaymakers will be spoilt for choice when planning their unique getaway, as adventures, tours and experiences are in abundance here, and with great temperatures throughout the year, it’s a great destination for a winter escape.
   Along the beautiful coastline of the Red Sea lie the cities of Hurghada and Sharm el Sheik. Having been favourite spots for travellers for decades, these two destinations are known for their great, lavish hotels and opulent resorts, which offer all-inclusive package at great value. Relax along the white, sandy beaches, soak up the sun or take a dip in the clear blue sea. If you want to see what’s beneath the surface, then there are plenty of opportunities to go snorkelling, and diving too. Experience stunning coral reefs at the Ras Mohammed National Park in Sharm el Sheik and immerse yourself in an underwater kingdom listed as one of the seven underwater wonders of the world in Giftun Island, near Hurghada. Swim amongst exotic, colourful fish and, if luck is on your side, catch a glimpse of the majestic, but completely harmless whale shark.
   If you prefer to remain on land, there are plenty of activities to sign up for throughout your stay. With the desert in the immediate area of the resorts, you can explore the rolling sands and oases either on the back of a camel or a quad-bike, depending on how fast you’d like to go.
   For those wanting to explore the history and culture of the country, go on daytrips to Cairo as well as some of the ancient sites, like Luxor and the Valley of Kings. In Cairo, experience the bustling bazaars and the beautiful old mosques before heading to the outskirts of town where the world-famous Giza Pyramids and the great Sphinx have watched over the city for thousands of years. If you’re seeking a more relaxing experience away from the city, go on a sailboat on the Nile and drift peacefully along the waters that have been the source of life for Egyptians since the dawn of time.

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