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Hong Kong

An important financial hub in Asia and indeed the world, Hong Kong attracts tourists and business from both mainland China and further away. Visitors can delight in the urban sprawl of designer shops, gourmet restaurants and lots of things to do, while never being too far away from scenic spots of nature. Start your day on the promenade that runs along the Avenue of Stars in Kowloon. From here you can gaze at the sun rising over the city and the neighbouring mountains, before strolling on towards the Space Museum and the Museum of Art. If, after this, you’re still hungry for more museums, then head north to the Museum of History, for a great insight into the illustrious background of Hong Kong, or the inventive and highly entertaining Science Museum. Sail across the Victoria Bay from Kowloon to Hong Kong’s Central. Explore the chic shops, galleries and cafés in the SoHo area and then take the tram to the Peak Tower and Victoria Peak. Here you’ll have the perfect panoramic view of the city and its surroundings. At night, you can get a perfect glance of the lit-up skyline from the viewing platforms found here.
   The areas outsides of Hong Kong’s busy centre gives an added depth and charm to the city. Regardless of what you’re seeking, you’re bound to find a local gem hiding in plain sight within a short distance. Experience the scenic natural beauty of Lantau Island, where you can board the cable car at Ngong Ping 360 to the gigantic statue of Tian Tan Buddha. Alternatively you can also choose to explore the isolated serenity of the Ninepin Islands, lounge on the white beaches around Stanley, or cut loose in the Hong Kong Disneyland. While staying in Hong Kong, you definitely have to sample some of the local culinary treats. Fill your stomach with plentiful servings of Dim Sum, char siu and freshly caught seafood, or if you’re feeling more adventurous, there’s also snake soup to introduce your taste buds to. Food in Hong Kong is like the rest of the city, a delicious mix of flavours, textures and colours influenced by a multitude of sources.

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