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Malta has been strategically important in the Mediterranean for thousands of years. Romans, Normans and the British are just some of the former empires that have laid claim to the island’s beauty. Experience this rich history across the island, starting by the small coastal capital, Valletta. Described by UNESCO as ‘one of the most concentrated historical areas in the world’, it boasts over 320 different monuments as well as architectural and cultural gems. The historic centre of Valletta is one of three UNESCO Heritage Sites on Malta, with the 6,000 year-old subterranean labyrinth Hal Saflieni Hypogeum and the megalithic temples of Malta and Gozo making up the other two. Built around 4,000 BC, the temples are some of the earliest freestanding structures in the world, beating Stonehenge by almost a thousand years. On Gozo, visit the natural wonder that is the Azure Window. A rock formation hollowed out by the sea, it has a wild beauty that should be witnessed before the waves devour it completely.
   If you are seeking alternative things to do on Malta, then enjoy a local festa-celebration in St Julians, wander the car-free streets of the walled, former capital of Mdina and experience the slightly surreal Popeye Village – a theme park found on the former set of a film from 1980 about the cartoon strongman.
   Spend hours basking in the Mediterranean sun, experience the many sides of the islands at your leisure and then seek out a local restaurant for an authentic Maltese dinner. Snack on traditional hobz biz-zest — Maltese bread dipped in olive oil and filled with tomatoes, fish and onion, and feast on more hearty dishes like rabbit stew, the Maltese take on ratatouille (kapunata) and freshly caught fish from the Mediterranean Sea. Remember to complete your experience with famed Maltese wine, surrounded by loved ones and friendly locals. 

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