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With 45 UNESCO Heritage sites, including the medieval fortress Alhambra and its adjacent gardens, Generalife, as well as the monumental complex of Alcazar and cathedral of Seville, you will never be too far away from Spain’s magnificent past. If you find yourself near Seville or Malaga around Easter, don’t miss the annual processions known as the Semana Santa. This dazzling spectacle has taken place for over 500 years and sees large crowds parading through the streets under the rhythm of lively, local music.    For more modern experiences, explore the works of the architect Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona. The towering, unfinished cathedral La Sagrada Familia is undoubtedly his most famous work, but it’s also worth visiting the surreal house Casa Batlló, or relaxing in the sunny Park Güell. In Madrid, visit the Prado Museum, before heading next door to the lesser known Thyssen Museum and the Reina Sofia to feast your eyes on masterpieces from all over the world.
   Once you have taken in the sites and the sun, it’s time to experience world-renowned Spanish food. While Paella and tapas are absolute musts and are found throughout the country, local delicacies are not to be missed. Try the Majorcan spicy Sobrassada sausage, Escudella soup in Barcelona or bite into crispy fried seafood along the Costa del Sol. For the adventurous among us, orejas (pig’s ears), crestas de gallo (rooster’s comb) and callos (tripe) are authentic recipes ready to intrigue your senses.
   Life unfolds at its own pace in Spain, and when the sun sets over the ocean or mountains, people flock to bars and restaurants. Join them with a glass of wine in hand, and experience the colourful architectural nooks, friendly faces and delectable food that make Spain a truly unforgettable experience.

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