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The Channel Islands

Situated just off the coast of France, the Channel Islands have had a colourful history. The last remnants of the Duchy of Normandy, the islands have been ruled as bailiwicks since the 13th century and have embraced both French and English traditions. In modern history, the islands were the only part of Britain to be occupied by Nazi Germany during the Second World War — historical relics from this era are scattered across the land. Explore tours and museums situated in ruins, old bunkers and tunnels for fascinating insights into these turbulent years.Located in the sub-tropic climate of the Gulf of Malo, the islands invite you to soak up the sun in the white sands around the coast while enjoying a cold beverage. Later you can head to one of the many great restaurants on the island for a delicious dinner by the sea. Embrace the opportunity to sample all the delicacies the islands have to offer, from local pub-food and freshly caught fish to the beautiful creations of Michelin-starred restaurants. Also, don’t miss out on ice cream made from local and renowned Jersey cows’ milk. If you’re seeking an outdoor adventure, there is no end to things to have a go at on the islands. On Guernsey, try a round of golf on a pristine golf course, go kayaking along the coast or jet ski into the sea. Satisfy your inner explorer by sailing further out to sea on a chartered boat for a chance to see seals, puffins and other sea creatures. Hire a bike on Jersey and cycle across the scenic coastal paths, or explore the gardens at Samares Manor. Go to St Helier for a visit to the maritime museums and the Elizabeth Castle, and stroll along the beach at St Aubin’s Bay, before heading to a pub for a pint of local Liberation Ale.



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